Audience Retargeting

Behavioural Audience Data

Behavioural Audience Data is the collection of audiences behaviours with the ability to predict their intentions based on websites they have visited and more specifically what things they have interacted with on those websites. We can retarget your audience either on JetMax travel web assets, JetMax networked sites (non-travel related) or you can target our audience data travellers and purchase your own media through your advertising agency.


JetMax retarget your chosen audience segment on our travel network sites, ensuring your audience is in the “travel” frame of mind, while being served with your message.

JetMax Network Media

JetMax retarget your chosen audience segment across a multitude of networked sites. You can choose video, social or display

Your Agency Network

Purchase JetMax travel intender data only, and your advertising agency can choose the media/networks you wish to push your campaign across.